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Subscription Stash Boxes Available Now!

Elliott Donovan

Posted on November 17 2017

The Stash Box is a subscription service collaboration between Grassroots California and Sloth Steady. For November, Grassroots and Sloth have worked up our most original box yet, The Blackout Box.  New items for the Blackout Box include a custom cowbell, knife, leatherman, picnic tarp blanket, bottle opener, and mug.  These items will be mixed in with Sloth and Grassroots gear. Every month we try to theme the boxes.  In the past we have done a Bear and Sloth Box, a Music box, and a visual artist box to name a few.  You never really know what you'll get!

How does it work?
Every order is personalized for the customer, both from the Sloth Steady team and the Grassroots team.  Each month there are new items and you never know what you are going to get.  The beauty of the stash box is the value received is much higher than the purchasing price and who doesn't love a good surprise.  
Here are what a few of our customers had to say:
"Being a stargazer and love of astronomy, when starting to collect high-end glass art, Nathan Miers (N8) was my first and favorite artist to collect which I received the collaboration with N8s fitted hat which made my N8 pin finally find its true home! Box included a huge variety of pins that doubled my current collection, snapback,strapback, shirt, and threw in the galaxy lanyard to top it off. This box could turn someone into a collector itself." - Griffon S.
" These guys get 6 out of 5 stars! Great customer service really happy with the stash box I think I'm on my third or 4th box now :) Love the quality craftsmanship and color scheme design of the hats I get compliments every day! I highly recommend to anybody out there to definitely give it a shot you won't be disappointed." - Adlar U.
" Well this is my fourth stashbox, I feel like that says it all.... get the $100 one and you won't be disappointed. Opens you up to trying new lids you wouldn't normally buy. I got a floral print 6 panel which I would have never bought cause I'm not a fan of the way they look in pictures. On my dome they look great!" - Alex K.

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