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Top 5 Snapbacks of the Summer 2016

Elliott Donovan

Posted on August 11 2016


Looking for suggestions on which GRC snapback to wear from this summer?  Look no further.  Ruga has his Top 5 suggestions for you!  If none of the following appeal to you, then make sure to look at our full collection of snapbacks.


1. CampRoots Snapback - This snapback, released at Summer Camp Music Festival this year to kick off the 2016 summer in style.  Covered in nearly full sublimation, with some embroidered accents, this snapback is sure to turn heads.  Gr3144 a grande

2. Chris Dyer Bear Orange Snapback - Chris Dyer's Positive Creations is famous for his visionary art, street art, and skateboard art.  Not only is his art amazing, but he is an amazing person!  For the summer of 2016, Grassroots collaborated with Chris Dyer to create our “Dyer Bear” Line.  This line incorporates garments of many different styles.  Make sure to check out the complete collection online now and grab one before they sell out!Gr3104 a b49778ba 2a1d 42f1 a9ca 916084c7c41c grande3. Jerry Garcia Removable Fish Teal Snapback - It’s just not summer without some amazing guitar rifts from Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead flowing through the air.  We are very grateful (pun intended) to be working with such a rock and roll legend and to add this new snapback design to our Grassroots line.  Taken from our original removable bear patch idea, we used Jerry’s art to create this removable fish patch hat. If this specific one doesn't suit your fancy, make sure to see the rest of his original artwork on our many other styles of hats.  Over 10 styles of Jerry Garcia hats in stock now!

Gr3038 aa grande

4. Jimi Hendrix Paint Shallow Snapback - Often regarded as one of the most influential guitarist in the history of music, Grassroots is honored to work with Rockin Artwork on these collaborations.  These hats would have been the talk of Woodstock music festival.  Grab the whole collection today. 

Gr2656 a 322fffcc d732 47a7 9172 fe472d129ba3 grande

5. Kid’s Removable Panda Green Palm Tree Adjustable - Summer time as a kid has to be some of the best times in life.  This summer, GRC hooked up our kids line with a few removable bear adjustable hats.  Now you and your child can be looking fresh in new snapbacks together at last.  Did we mention the panda in the jungle?  Oh yeah... 

Kids removable panda green palm tree strapback gr2955 img a grande

Make sure to stay tuned to our new collection to see all the new snapback designs being released daily!

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