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Light Wizard Metatron Fitted Hat

Light Wizard Metatron Fitted Hat


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"I am an adventurer of the imagination and I live in a limitless land of endless possibility. I am a creator, and my artwork is my glorious rebellion against the ordinary. I make the most compelling, inspiring, and moving symbols that I can because the most valuable gift I can give this world is living a meaningful life that affects others in a positive way. My invitation is for people to step into authenticity and stretch the limits of their possibilities; surrendering to the dream, and living in the highest and truest expression of themselves. While I am here experiencing this mystery called Life I will be on an inspired mission of self mastery; leading from the heart, creating unique expressions of the soul, living with purpose, and blazing a trail with my truth. I am here to shine as bright as I can; illuminate our inner worlds, light up the human spirit, and reveal the magic within. My name is Steve Willis… and I am a Light Wizard."

S/M recommended for sizes 7 3/8 and below, 
L/XL recommended for sizes 7 1/2 and above.

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