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Feel the Beat is our charity sponsor this season.  Feel the Beat is a nonprofit dance program for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Their engineers have designed and patented a specialized conduction vibrational dance floor that will act as a speaker so Feel the Beats’ students can physically feel and understand sound on a whole new level during instruction.  
Check out how it works by clicking here.

Make sure to check out their new website to find scheduling and information about their new studio.

Feel the Beats' are looking to raise $500,000 this year order to fund their project.  They are truly dedicated to making a REAL difference for these children.

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Grassroots California has made sure to stay true to our roots over the years. Giving back and working with charities and organizations we share similar ideas with continues to this day here at Grassroots. Starting in 2016 our Charity program shifted to a new structure. Every month we select a different organization to sponsor and donate to them a portion of our web sales for the month. If you know a charity that we should be involved with make sure to let us know!



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