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Barcelona HQ Snapback

Barcelona HQ Snapback


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HQ is a private smokers club located in the stunning city of Barcelona. Getting high on our own supply since 2013. Positioned in right in the epicenter of Eixample, which has a very important social movement. 
We are open to all nationalities worldwide and is recognized as one of the world’s leading cannabis associations. Decorated with unique art and design inspired by local artists. We have a strong community of members on which are respectable and adds a warm atmosphere. 
HQ takes pride in all of our products and expect very high quality. We came 1st place at ‘Dab a Doo 2016’ in the non solvent category and we are famous for our Rosin & Bubblehash. We adopt a old school style for music and ambience. 
HQ is a place of beauty, delight & happiness... Only for members.

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