Good Krama Snapback

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Good Krama Snapback - one size fits most - brim made of the krama scarf

Good Krama is a socially conscious fashion label inspired by Cambodia's most versatile textile: The krama

The krama, a silk or cotton scarf made of thousands of tiny squares, reflects the tumultuous history of Cambodia: a patchwork of contrasting hues, of darkness and light. Used in hundreds of different ways by people of all socio-economic backgrounds, the krama materializes the balance between function and esthetics.

At Good Krama, we aim to bridge the gap between Cambodia and the world, by blending traditional weaving techniques with our own contemporary designs. Our clothing reflects the krama's duality between function and esthetics and provides chic streetwear for the modern urban women and men. We support the individual's identity through fashion statements while integrating cultural force into each product.

The Good Krama team is committed to working closely with traditional Cambodian weavers, by providing them with a sustainable source of income while following strict fair-trade ethical business standards. We aim to provide these weavers with a greater degree of independence so they can grow as individuals, provide for their families and preserve the traditions of their ancient craft.

Support our brand and make a difference. Be Independently Monumental.




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