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Jason Burruss V2 Ballistic Purple Fitted

Jason Burruss V2 Ballistic Purple Fitted

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Grassroots California is proud to present our newest collaborations with Jason Burruss. Using ballistic material these hats are very unique.

Only 210 made of each colorway

‰ÛÏJason Burruss is a jeweler specializing in cold-fusion jewelry design. An adamant perfectionist, his dedication to the aesthetics of symmetry in design allows him to create his own form of designer jewelry. Working as a jewelry designer for over 17 years, he experimented with several art mediums before he decided to become a full-time silver worker.

Now residing in Denver, CO, Jason pulls inspiration from the Universe around him which he uses to create Integral masterpieces of design. These designs are based not only on design and aesthetics, but inspired by the realizations of psychology and philosophy conceptualized from the meditative process of a disciplined creative process.

Jason draws inspiration from the geometry and colors of the world around him, natural occurrences in which he believes define his purpose, and life changes created by the evolution of his own conscious being. His more detailed pieces are created with written philosophy of the conscious understanding which caused these pieces to become manifested within his natural reality, called a philosophical intention. Jason believes that his true Universal Purpose is to inspire the evolution of humanity through the evolutionary process of self. Creating desire to evolve, he believes is the key to perpetual happiness.

Jason seeks to inspire all to become their true self. To create a culture based upon small business and freedom through creativity of self-expression. This is his purpose, of which he writes philosophy and creates art in order to symbolize his philosophies of psychological and philosophical conscious awareness.

"True happiness is attained from the perfection of one's own self. Follow your own passions and create your own path for this is the purpose of your beautiful life. Everyone is destined for greatness, no one can deny you this path but yourself. Know your truth, follow your path, perfect your being and you will discover true happiness. For you are a rose in a garden of shrubs, what makes you different is what makes you beautiful." -Jason Burruss"

Portfolio - www.facebook.com/jasonburrussdesigns
Gallery - www.jasonburrussdesigns.etsy.com
Instagram - @jasonburruss