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Jimbo Phillips GRC Bear Black Work Jacket

Jimbo Phillips GRC Bear Black Work Jacket

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Grassroots has used the California Bear in multiple products to pay homage to where we were founded. Jimbo Phillips put his spin on the California bear for the artwork in this collection. His take on the bear features a big, brown grizzly totally freaking out! Eyes bulging and tongue out, this bear is tweakin'! Surrounded by honey bees, it's clear this bear is after a bee's nest dripping with sweet honey-goodness! Jimbo Phillips also likes to draw outrageous faces and thus the blasted out GRC bear was born!

This Work Jacket uses both pieces of art on this decked-out work jacket. The bear face is blown up and printed on the back while the Cali Bear is on the front left pocket. This hearty zip-up jacket is durable for rough days and lined for warmth and coziness. Peep the other items in the Jimbo Phillips Collection too!

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