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KeepLove Blue Strapback

KeepLove Blue Strapback

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Grassroots California loves making hats for hardworking and up and coming artists. Keeplove is no different. This strapback comes in two different colorways and is limited to 420 made. 210 of each colorway!!!

‰ÛÏI am a singer/songwriter/producer/performer from Michigan. Ive been writing since I knew what it was. "I am pretty D.I.Y.""I have minimal recording equipment, minimal live equipment and minimal guitars. Honestly you dont need that stuff. If you have an imagination and your not afraid to use it, a dream and your not afraid of failure and you just keep moving forward, you will accomplish what you set out to. Be it making a record, building a life, or changing the world. All you need is faith and perseverance." "This tour is becoming more than a tour. Its becoming a movement. Its a movement pushed forward by the people who believe in it. Ive experienced so much love and support from my loved ones and people who ive never met simply because they also believe in the movement that is Keeplove?. "I believed enough myself, sold all my belongings and am on the road in support of the music and the idea. Keeplove? is not just the name of my folkstep music project. It is a call to action aimed at those that would listen, those that would fight, those that would feel, those that would love. Its a call to action in my life, its a way I strive to be, though I fail daily. We have a responsibility as human beings inhabiting this earth to care for it and to love one another......simply put that is it. We've become self serving, self centered zombies basically, feeding a machine that is our "modern economy" because we've lost the understanding that love is more important than money. Its ok. We just need to change. I love you all." "Love is all. Keeplove."

www.keeplovemusic.bandcamp.com for downloads