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Listen Yellow - The Lustrous Gem Fitted

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Sold Out!

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Grassroots California and Listen Apparel are proud to present "The Lustrous Gem Hat"-YELLOW- This hat displays the Manipura, the Navel Chakra. The symbol for the Manipura is a ten-petaled lotus that contains a white downward-pointing triangle, symbolizing change and movement in relation to the self, self-transformation and will power. Three svastikas surround the triangle, representing the fire element. The Navel Chakra's power is about being a true individual, unique, while also celebrating our connection with the rest of humanity. Inner purpose, effectiveness, self-respect and endurance are the goals associated with this chakra. The Navel Chakra is located in the lower torso, between the naval and the base of the sternum, and its Sanskirt name, Manipura, means "lustrous gem." ,The Manipura is associated with the sun and resonates with the color yellow.,Signs that your Manipura may be blocked include excessive concern about what others think, fear of being alone, insecurity and needing constant reassurance. When you wear 'the Lustrous Gem'- Manipura Navel Chakra Hat, you increase your ability to respect yourself as well as others, maintain your personal power and act in uninhibited and spontaneous ways.,This hat donates back Project Dehradun. Project Dehradun is a group of three architects in India.,They have been funded by non-architectural and architectural sponsors in the UK.,They were invited in April of 2012 by Nanhi Dunya's Chief of Education to design and ,build solutions for a single school in Dehradun. ,Nanhi Dunya was founded by Lekh Raj Ulfat in 1946 with eight children under a tree near the slums.,It began as an alternative way to educate impoverished children, and today has 12 schools across ,Northern India serving the needs of over 1,200 children.,Here is a link to a video describing the project: Learn more about Listen Apparel on their website.



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