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Phil Lewis Snowflake Reversible Zip Up Hoodie

Phil Lewis Snowflake Reversible Zip Up Hoodie


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Presenting the first hoodie collaboration with talented artist - Phil Lewis.
Phil's style uses flowing lines and vibrant colors to create images of animals and nature, inspired by the beautiful scenery he surrounds himself with in Colorado.

The reversible Snowflake Hoodie features the art piece called, High Country Crystallization created by Phil Lewis himself. This piece has a big snowflake mandala on the front and back with two winter rams at the bottom of the hoodie. On the front the rams are perfectly on the pockets. This side of the hoodie is bright and incorporates different shades of blue. The other side of the hoodie features an all over mandala design. This side is more toned down with gray and darker color tones. There are no pockets on the reverse side. Choose the side you like best based on your mood or the season.

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