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Project Aspect Gray Fitted

Project Aspect Gray Fitted

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Grassroots California is proud to present our newest collaborations with Project Aspect. We have always like supporting up and coming artists who put in the hard work it takes to make it big. Jay is no different. Not only is he an amazing and talented individual, but he also is a good friend of the GRC Family. Project Aspect is part of the Mile High Sound Movement and is signed to STS9's record label 1320 Records.

Only 420 of these hats made. 210 in Gray and 210 in Black.

‰ÛÏIn 2008 I began ProJect Aspect, a new vision in a digital/electronic light. My Aspect is the specifics included within the depths of sound, creating multiple layers to overall provide an unpredictable live performance meant to touch the soul. A lot of emotion goes into writing tracks for me. The biggest opportunity to express my rawest of feelings and lay them all out on the table. I write songs to perform them live. Nothing makes my heart happier than playing live music and connecting with new people. In January 2008 I began pursuing musical creation in a new light. With electronic/hip hop influences ranging all across the galaxy, I Started "ProJect Aspect". A new vision, way of looking at music as a whole, an idea if you will. Computer performance is the backbone of this project and performing 100% Organic, original material is an essential piece in what which makes ProJect Aspect. With a vast array of heavy bass tones, melodic ambience, whompy hyphy crunchy beats, and mashup acapellas, Aspect brings a unique sound to the dance floor that will leave you craving more!
-Jay Jaramillo (ProJect Aspect)"

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