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Respect Black Strapback Hat

Respect Black Strapback Hat

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Mad Respect for this black hemp strapback! Respect is a very common phrase used in Jamaican and Rastafarian cultures where there's a common vibe for positivity and respect for all people and things.

The colors used on the hat are in reference to the Rastafarian Flag: red for the bloodshed during the struggle for liberation and justice, yellow for the wealth of the gold in the homeland, Africa, particularly the gold, and green for the beauty and the vegetation of the promise land, Ethiopia.

The lettering is embroidered on the front in white and green with a yellow crown. The rasta threading around the brim adds a pop of color and matches the satin lining and bands across the inside panels. This is a one-size fits most adjustable strapback with a brown leather strap and gold buckle.

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