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Rock 'N' Robin's opened in 1983, in Macomb Illinois, where we were famous for miles in every direction. In 1990, a poster put in the window to display Jane's Addiction's new album, Ritual de lo Habitual was confiscated by the local police, with a warning issued to Robin (yes, there IS a Robin) that she might be arrested at any time at the pleasure of the local city attorney. This prompted a call to the American Civil Liberties Union (Chicago branch), and coverage by ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV, CNN, the New York Times, and many local and regional newspapers and radio stations. International coverage was given by CNN. The city was forced to return the posters and issue an apology. In January, 1998, Rock 'N' Robin's moved to 804 S. College Avenue, Fort Collins Colorado. We have been operating at that location ever since. Come in and discuss civil liberties any time, and maybe hear some new music. Learn more about on their website.
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