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Slabbington The Space Sloth Tan Snapback

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Sold Out!

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Introducing Slabbington Space Sloth, he's a creature (sloth) we dreamed up to promote awareness to ecosystems in need, while also promoting the lifestyle. Starting with the brim of the hat is an aerial shot of the Amazon River Basin surrounded by wood grain. The wood grain represents how many people and Corporations view our rainforest as a resource instead of its beauty and wonder. To help illustrate that beauty we made the river bright hews of blues cutting through the woodgrain. Next when you look into the hat you'll be looking up into the canopy through a fan palm tree. The four flowers on the hat from left to right; White orchid, the Princess Flower, Passion flower and the Lilly are all flowers indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest and also represent the four artists who brought this idea to life. The hats are made of all hemp, snapbacks and fitteds will be available. $5.00 from each hat will be donated to World Land Trust to help preserve our rainforests. Learn more about Humblegrove Collective on their website. S/M best for sizes 7 3/8 and below. L/XL best for sizes 71/2 and above.

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