Sovereign Sect

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PLAY HARD! STOP HATING! RECORD EVERYTHING! SOVEREIGN SECT! Understanding the importance of creating a live performance that is astonishing and impossible to forget, the members of Sovereign Sect are absolute masters at captivating a crowd and leaving them electrified. The Fargo-based, tri-producer/drummer quartet uses nearly forty years of collective musical experience to accomplish its goal of pushing the limits of the electronic live show and annihilating their audiences. By incorporating innovative production styles, covering many different musical genres and utilizing the talents of three producers, Sovereign Sect is not only able to entertain audiences but also amaze listeners with a sound that is as unique as it is diverse. This combination of Sovereign Sects no holds barred live performance and its multidimensional production style is a cosmic match that only results in a supersonic experience that should never be missed. Learn more about Sovereign Sect on their BandCamp Page.
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