Subliminal Tactix Dragon Snapback

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The 2015 collab with our good friends Subliminal Tactix.

Xander the Great
As Human Beings we are all placed on this earth in a physical body.

Many of us, through our own practices, have become aware that there is much more to life than just a physical condition.

Spiritual and mental states exist that create a harmony in all of us, yet to avoid becoming susceptible to the negativity that may surround you, it is important to consistently search for knowledge, while also protecting your head.

Thankfully Subliminal Tactix has got you covered with our new "Xander the Great" Hat.

Xander is the accumulation of the 3 spirits on the inside panels of this Kevlar hat.

You can rest easy that while you sail the cosmic seas of life, your head will be well guarded.

Travel light my friends.

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