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The Big Up 2013

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Sold Out!

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Among all the recent festivals emerging, one seems to be on many a trendsetters lips, The Big Up. The Big Up has quickly risen to be the most buzzed about new independent festival on the east coast- and for good reason: the production quality, diverse lineup, artistic community, and overall vibe of the event are akin to those of festivals much larger and older. Being driven by goals other than maxing out attendance and driving ticket prices up has allowed the Big Up to manifest a boutique status. High quality in smaller batches is a key component to our growth thus far. Booking music that we love and we know our friends and fans will love too is one of the greatest joys of this whole process. We love many kinds of music and know that it can all blend together like the perfect summer mix tape if its presented at the right time and place. A new year brings a new mixture, and new songs to set your memories to, and some familiar ones too.




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