Tree Shurts HeadBand Fitted

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When it comes to draining Trees there is only one strain that can take you to that court in the clouds. This triple threat strain is what elevated the game of Vinny Vaporizer; The Headband Legend. Vinny Vaporizer who was best known for his "pick and roll up", "off the glass dank shot", "dropping dimes off", and his classic move, "the crystal shake crossover". This triple threat strain is a crowd favorite for Team Upstate Trees. Vinny's custom Headband allowed him to vaporize throughout the game and literally light up the D. The balls and joints were always passing as munch time led to crunch time. The magic of the strain allowed the Upstate Trees to once again reign. The team went on to win 420 straight games. Lesson Learned: with the game on the line there's never time for brick, so fire up that Headband and drain those Trees. Learn more about Tree Shurts on their website.
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