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Tree Thugger Fitted

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With over 10 years of DJing and 2 years of Producing experience, the last several years have catapulted Greg Fisk to be a staple and innovator in the Denver/Boulder electronic music scene. Having played shows from California to Tennessee, Texas to Illinois, and all throughout the states as well as his home base of Colorado, Fisk knows a thing or two about getting crowds amped. His originally produced tracks use synth-driven, experimental hip hop styles, which takes the listener on a journey of sound innovation and musical mysteriousness. Cascading and blending the likes of Glitch-Hop, Electro, Psyphy, Dubstep, and Crunk, Fisk has something up his sleeve for every environment, emotion, and entity his mind can conceive of. Fisk is continually pushing the limits of live music manipulation and strives to keep every live performance unique, fresh, and most importantly Head Noddin. ,Grassroots is so happy to be able to team up with an amazing dj/producer and more importantly an incredible person! Make sure to catch Fisk and any of his many side projects. Learn more about Fisk on his Facebook Page.
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