Attention to Detail:Grassroots California Art & Material

Attention to Detail:Grassroots California Art & Material

We can’t stop raving about the incredible artists whose work is featured on each and every signature piece made by Grassroots California, and one of the most important aspects of featuring such talent is the unparalleled attention to detail our products provide, both in the clean, defined lines of the designs themselves and the high-quality materials our company is dedicated to using to assure the clothing you purchase from us will last a lifetime.

From the undeniable realism and depth of the Stanley Mouse Cyclops Blue Snapback to the intricate lines that hold together an Aaron Brooks animal caricature, to the pastel perfection of a Randal Roberts Mandala design, each and every color choice and shape is deliberate. Symmetry is both planned and ironic, while the abstract communicates just as much as the most picturesque design. Nothing is rendered, nothing is made up. Our customers can even keep it simple with our THC Bee and Puffy the Bear designs, or go with more classic looks like the Colorado Flag design reimagined across various pieces or the quintessential California bear. At Grassroots California, these designs come from the hearts and hard work of our design partners and featured artists, and we love sharing their work with our customers.

To make these designs last, we use a variety of tried and true product lines and materials to make our clothing. From naturally-occurring fiber materials like cotton and hemp to faux fur, fleece and spandex to add function and weather-appropriate dimension to our pieces, Grassroots California is dedicated to producing clothes that can brave a storm and steal the attention of a crowd.

Not to mention, we’re on an accessory kick this season. From our recent flash-sale on patches to sunglasses fit for the summer sun and snowy slopes, be sure to browse through our tabs of glass or smaller items for old favorites and new arrivals. Starting with small signature pieces is another great way to get your friends involved with our brand and the talented artists behind our company’s best designs.

You can check out our headquarters in Denver or begin your search right here online.


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