Big Gigantic's 7th Rowdytown on the Rocks

Big Gigantic's 7th Rowdytown on the Rocks

On September 28 and 29, 2018, Red Rocks Amphitheater transformed into "Rowdytown" for Big Gigantic's 7th year on the rocks. The funky electronic-instrumental duo, Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken, made their fans feel right at home while immersing them into a 3-D visual experience for the first time ever at Red Rocks. 

Rowdytowners arrived early to enjoy the rocks from the lots and lined up at the gates before being let in to explore the vendors and pick out a good spot in the stands. The Green Solution handed out 3-D glasses at the entrances, Rowdytown-goers had a chance to register to vote with HeadCount, donate food to Conscious Alliance and more. Also, there was the Lil Gs, a group of fans chosen to promote positive vibes and spread the love at Big Gigantic shows.

The first night was chilly, but Droeloe, Boogie Trio Live Band and San Halo were there to warm up the crowd. Between sets, fans stayed warmed in Grassroots hoodies and beanies (and by huddling in the visitor center).

Artist and Grassroots coloration, Kooz led visuals for Boogie Trio Live Band. Party Pupils, Louis Futon and 3LAU opened the second night. Once Big Gigantic hit the stage, everyone put on their 3-D glasses, not quite sure what to expect. No matter where you were in the stands, the visuals were truly three-dimensional. From floating astronauts to abstract pop-art, the boys took us on a groovy journey. The lighting and visuals were designed by Ben Dalgleish. With a slew of special guests including the Dallas Mavericks drumline, Louis the Child and GRiZ, both nights were full of classic Big Gigantic tunes with new and unheard music mixed in between, including an unreleased collaboration with GRiZ and Gramatik. Big Gigantic knows how to make their fans feel like one big family. 

Thank you, Big Gigantic, for a special weekend and for everything you do! 

Big Gigantic Red Rocks Rowdytown 2018

 (Photo: Live Edits Lab)



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