Black Friday Shopping for the Ladies

Black Friday Shopping for the Ladies

 Grassroots California loves its local designers, and they have a few can’t-miss items on the way to the sale rack this Black Friday. Ladies, look out: you won’t want to miss these deals!


Cali Vice Roots Flamingo Black Body Suit

Start your shopping spree by keeping it simple with a classic basic piece that can be paired with anything. Our Cali Vice Roots Flamingo Black Body Suit is sure to immpress with its sleek design and pop of pink in the GRC logo. Use it as an underlayer paired with your favorite jeans, skirt, or even slacks and layer as you see fit. This piece is sure to inspire comfort and confidence, setting a solid foundation for a killer look.


The San Pedro Del Sol Black Cardigan (almost sold out!)

Here’s a piece that’ll draw the eye. An all-season cardigan sweater designed for more petite customers, this clean, black-and-white design can spice up any neutral look or complement any color palette.  The jacquard knit design is also built to last and protect against snags or general wear.


San Pedro Del Sol Bomber Jacket

Also from San Pedro Del Sol, a slim-fit, long-cut bomber jacket that serves as a unique twist on a multi-season classic. Bomber jackets tend to bring out the urbanite in all of us, while maintaining a unique comfort and movement in the look they complete. This long jacket provides extra coverage and protection from cold, windy nights, and the olive green color is inspired by the original military-style bomber.


Jimbo Phillips Womens Coaches Jacket

Elsewhere in outerwear is a design from Jimbo Phillips in the Women’s Coaches Jacket. This black-and-white design is singular, featuring a design built around a skull. It’s intricate, it’s advanced, and it’s sure to draw attention and compliments. The front of the jacket is a clean-cut, all-black look with snap buttons and a sheer fabric finish giving off a laid-back, city vibe. The inside lining of the jacket is the opposite side of the coin, as colorful design and intricate details jump off the fabric.


Rainbow Knit Beanie

Last but not least is a cozy classic, the Rainbow Knit Beanie. Exclusively from Grassroots California, this beanie quite literally goes with any look. A camouflage for fun, sunny days in town and on the slopes, this beanie is sure to become a staple in your winter wardrobe.



Head to today to shop our Black Friday deals.


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