Collaboration Showcase: Apex Collective

Collaboration Showcase: Apex Collective

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The Apex Collective is a group of artists brought together by the common idea that collaboration leads to rapid evolution — of artwork, the world, and the self. Each painting is created intuitively, without a prior plan or drawing to steer it, leading to glowing grids of alien technology, floating landscapes straight out of science fiction, and references to biological entities both real and imagined.



Apex Collective’s artists are trained and aware of both classical techniques and modern styles, but the way they blend those methods together creates timeless pieces that belong to no era.

Zach Jackson takes his inspiration from the intersection of nature and technology, weaving threads of science fiction and fantasy into the canvases he creates. While classical sciences have always had an influence on Zach’s work, he also finds himself fascinated with the inner depths of the mind.




Stephen Kruse’s work is all about balance, often manifesting on the canvas in the form of glowing, geometric space-scapes or otherworldly organic creatures, meshed with unknown technology. Stephen enjoys painting at shows, energized by the music and vibrancy of life around him as he creates.

Jake Amason studied computer graphics and 3D animation, learning to manipulate and create virtual worlds before ever setting brush to canvas. The textures, angles, and depths of field he uses are still reminiscent of his computer background, interwoven with the organic touch of his artistic styles.



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