High Times Hats

three high times branded hats in various colors

With these new lids, we’re taking it back to our roots. High Times has been the go-to resource for marijuana-related writing and advocacy since the whole pot-smoking counterculture started to kick off back in the 1970s.

Believe it or not, the magazine was supposed to be a joke at first. The idea was that it would be a single-issue parody of Playboy, talking about weed instead of sex. It was even funded with money from the sale of marijuana, which was still completely illegal at the time. But it caught on, grew an audience, and eventually grew to a circulation of almost 500,000 an issue, on par with Rolling Stone.

These days, High Times puts on the Cannabis Cup, the biggest marijuana trade show in the world. The Cannabis Cup is hosted in the growing number of states that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana and includes competitions, seminars, celebrity appearances, product showcases, and concerts. The Cannabis Cup itself, an award for the best strains of marijuana across a variety of categories, is the most respected award in the industry.

For us at Grassroots, the connection is a personal one, too. High Times events were some of the first places we ever sold our products, giving us a chance to show off our wares to an audience of like-minded people that would become our current Grassroots family.

We also collaborated with High Times Cannabis Cups way back in our early days, and we’ve set up shop at High Times events all over the world, from Colorado to Amsterdam, California, Michigan, and more.

So we decided to honor that history of collaboration. These are the first ever official High Times Magazine hats, brought to you right here at Grassroots CA. Show your love for the weed world’s leading advocate for over 40 years, and show your style at the same time.


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