Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Ahh yes, that time of year again, when the snow is falling in the mountains, and the songs of holidays are in the air.  The holidays are a perfect time to get some new gear for you and your loved ones.  Luckily for you, Grassroots has been releasing new gear weekly since September, with 2-3 drops a week, it's hard to keep up.  Below we have some of our staff's picks for gifts. 


Gifts For Him
Robe - Matt Roberston is one of the best glassblowers in the game, and his Robe is one of the nicest robes on the market.  This Robe is great and there is a new Robe that just released with our Equinox Howl Line.  Speaking of that, the Equinox Howl Line will have a Corduroy Hat.
Corduroy Hats - Corduroy Hats are IN right now, from streetwear kids to older jamheads, we are seeing Corduroy hats fly off the shelves.  We have a couple Corduroy hats right now, both collaboration artist hats (Tripp St), and GRC specials.  Check out the corduroy hats at
Never Summer Line - Collaborating with Never Summer is an honor for Grassroots.  And being able to bring Stanley Mouse along with us, is awesome.  Check out the new Never Summer Stanley Mouse Snowboard and Line, the perfect gift for your deadhead friends, or your outdoor snow and ski friends.  
Gifts For Her
Equinox Howl Velour Items - the comfiest hoodies and pants on the market, the velour items for the equinox howl line are the perfect holiday present.  Comfortable to wear around the house, but stylish enough to wear out, these items are always a hit.  
Equinox Howl Velour Set Photo
San Pedro Del Sol Hats - Our San Pedro Del Sol line is inspired by the deserts and western landscapes.  The hats are consistenly a favorite for the Grassroots Ladies.
Beanies - Keeping your head warm has never looked better and new Beanies are releasing on the site December 11th, keep your eye out and make sure to keep her head warm this winter.
Gift For Kids
Matching Hats - from matching beanies to matching flatbrims, we got your covered this winter.  Check out the kids hat section, and also look for matching adult hats.  The Paw Print and Bear Paw lines have matching Adult and Kids hats
Pins and Accessories - Pins are always a great gift for the kids, style out their favorite backpack or hat, or start their pin collection.  With other accessories available, there is something for every little kid.  

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