The Greatest High-deas for Valentine's Day

The Greatest High-deas for Valentine's Day

Grab your bongs and bud, Sprout Fam! Here's some of the top Valentines we found for any Grassroots guy or gal, stoner-friend, fiance, lover, or homie! Let's Go!!!

Picture this: It's the 14th. You and Bae made plans to do something special together. You sit down on the couch and they whip out a heart-shaped box. A skunky-smell lingers as they set it on the table. As you lift the top you see the most wonderful Valentine you've ever received...

While the Holiday of Love may historically be linked to martyrdom or embellished stories about acts of kindness, it's indisputable that February 14th, at least here in the States, is now known for hearts, love notes, flowers and chocolate. But it can be weird to get someone a Valentine, right? Maybe you've only gone out a few times and you're not ready for the lovey-dovey gift-giving? Or maybe y'all have been dating for years and it's not meaningful enough? Or maybe you're not into supporting corporate card-companies and getting the store-bought candies? Hit your pen and chill. You're going to SLAY this Valentine's Day! You just want to smoke some weed and get high, right? Let's do it! Get some high-quality flowers and infused-chocolates, and one, two, switcharoo... canna-valentines! We've scoured the interwebz and these are our favorite "high-deas" for Valentine's Day with lots of ways to support local, small-businesses and celebrate cannabis!

Flowers, Oil, Diamonds, and Chocolate

We recommend this valentine for the long-time lovers who not only smoke hella weed together but probably grow it and invest in it too. You probably know exactly what strains  your lover smokes and you're ready to drop bank on this kind of party-pack, so go for it! You'll need to stop by your favorite dispensary (or two, or three) to complete this variety pack of pleasure, but the end result is priceless! This plethora of cannabis-action should include their favorite flowers, concentrates, edibles and any other party favors you see fit. Maybe you customize this canna-charcuterie with CBD balm or THC gummies: the possibilities for high-times are endless! Just make sure you get a box-of-chocolates with a box big enough for all these special stoner-treats!

A Joint For Two

For many, Valentine's Day will be a romantic date night for two. Couples might curl up, quarantined, in front of the TV and order food from the best local spot. Others might spend a long day snowboarding or skiing and will warm up by a fire. Or maybe you and your biffer haven't been more single in ages and you're trying to pretend this day doesn't exist and eat chocolate together. But who doesn't' love to feel special? A small gesture to show someone you care? I can't think of anything better for all of these scenarios than a joint. A freshly wrapped joint to say "I Love You". Grind your weed as finely and perfectly as possible. Take an extra moment to make sure your paper is wrapped tightly. Secure the end around itself as crease-free as possible. The beauty in this gift is the precision and care it took to craft and the wonderful experience of you sharing it together. Happy Valentine's Day.

Be Mine Bath Time

"ABC. 123. TLC. And some CBD, babe." Need help wooing your loved-one and make them feel warm and relaxed? Boom. Bath time! Here's another great opportunity to support local and support small! There are tons of homemade THC, CBD, and Hemp bath products and other luscious treats to make the ultimate bath time experience! From fizzy bombs that relieve pain to steamy oils that leave you hazy as heck, these products are sensational! While you're at it, consider essential oils, scrubs, lotions, and potions to invigorate, heal, moisturize, and relax every part of your wonderful body! While we recommend these for the intimate valentine's partners and the single, stay-at-home stoners, too!

Chocolate-Charming Valentine

Chocolate-lovers are easy to please on this holiday, but here's an opportunity to make Bae's Valentine's Day extra-special: infused chocolate bars! Instead of Hershey's or Mars, go with a locally-made chocolate that's filled with THC or CBD! It could be super refreshing for someone who's always smoking bowls and wants to get that vibey-body high from edibles. It could also be great for the baby-stoners and those who are smoke-free but love the effects. This delicious form of medication and dessert works for beginners and connoisseurs and pairs perfectly with Grassroots gear, too!

A Bouquet of Flowers

What's more romantic than fresh flowers from your admirer? Step away from the thorny-roses and baby's breath and give them something to marvel at! The aroma of this bouquet will knock your Valentine's Grassroots-socks off too! This is a very simple and elegant valentine that is celebrates cannabis in it's most beautiful and raw-form! A recently-dried and pruned female plant will look lovely with single ribbon or bow (or twill of hemp-wick!). There's something very thoughtful and awe-inspiring about this minimal, completely organic, creative arrangement and will surely be a huge success with any weed-lover! Cheers to you, Cupid. You'll kill it with this one!

I Have A "Kush" On You, Valentine

Sometimes less is more, especially with this valentine! It might not be the biggest box, but this hash-and-kush valentine will definitely make your partner smile (and maybe fall asleep on the couch right after). Ingredients for this heartthrob of a valentine are pretty simple: a small heart-shaped box, hash, and some kush! Package nicely and prepare to blow their mind! Brace yourself for that hash-hit inhale, homie: you're about to get stoned AF. This valentine pairs well with comfy clothes (GRC sweats and a hoodie?), your favorite couch, puffy pillows, and maybe a bed for a long, romantic nap!

Best-Buds Berries

Okay, but like, how cute are these? It was my best friend's birthday just last week and I saw some infused-chocolate-covered-strawberries on socials and thought this was way better than all the other fruit-arrangements and flower-deliveries I had looked at! I was super stoked to support a colleague's start-up and get my friend a tasty-treat with THC! Ordering from local edible companies a great opportunity to support small businesses and get a delicious, thoughtful valentine for someone else (or yourself!). We do recommend contacting your local spot as early in advance as possible since they're probably swamped with orders right now. Consider getting a coupon or gift card instead if it's too late, and cop the seasonally decorated berries another time later this year.

A Slick-Wick Valentine

Let's not forget about hemp-products! From hemp-wick to hemp-rope, there are tons of great, organic products to add to your valentine's gift! Maybe you wrap a special present in hemp-wick or include some with a handmade-card and soy-candle! If you and your valentine are feeling extra adventurous and want to turn it up a notch, maybe get some hemp rope and check out shibari together. Nothing like tying a knot on Valentines Day, huh?

THIS Enjoy-A-Bowl Valentine

This could get really expensive, really quick so maybe the glass-quality depends on how well you know your Valentine? We do think there are some great innuendos with this gift, though, that can't be passed up! What better way to suggest some action than with a little "ass, glass, and grass" valentine, give them some pipe, nawimsayin? On the other hand, if your Valentine is someone special, maybe you get one really nice piece of glass, support a homie or well-known glass artist, and splurge on something they'll love and enjoy for the rest of the year and beyond! 

Grassroots Gear

'Juana be our Valentine??? We have a sweet deal for you, Sprout Fam! There's nothing more perfect for #GSproutGang than our best-sellers, sale items, subscriptions, and gift cards! We've made it even easier for you shop this year with our updated app and Valentine's Collection! The Valentine's Collection includes all of the best-selling winter products like hoodies, jackets, beanies, and facemasks, along with summer staples like jerseys and shorts, plus all the best sale items, and it's all 25% off! And we know, after all this Valentine-action that you might be too stoned to remember when to shop, so our Valentine's Sale will last through Tuesday, February 16th! No need to enter a promo code: these discounts will be applied automatically at checkout. Just make sure the item is in the Valentine's Collection and you'll see the savings at checkout!


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