Shop New Looks With Our 2018 Holiday Buying Guide

Shop New Looks With Our 2018 Holiday Buying Guide

Winter is coming...and so is shopping season. Whether you’re buying gifts for the people close to you or just taking advantage of the holiday season to deck yourself out in some new looks, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for to spice up your style — or someone else’s.

We even offer gifting options! Under any product on our page, you’ll see a button that says “Add Gifting Options, where you can add a card, a uniquely designed gift box, and a personal message to make your gift stand out.

Desert Digs

Want to feel warm even in the winter? Check out our Sedona collection. Subtle earth tones mixed with bright turquoise highlights, interlocking geometric patterns, and bold contrasts between light and shade will have you feeling hot in no time.

Desert Digs leggings

Desert Digs Hat

Desert Digs Beanie


Back To The Matrix

Maybe you like the geometric shapes and clean lines, but you’re into a more modern look? Don’t worry, we can take care of that too. The Back To The Matrix series incorporates striking kaleidoscopic shapes and patterns to make a look that’s built for double-takes.

 Back to Matrix Hat

Back to Matrix jacket

Back to Matrix pin

Ski Like Everyone’s Watching

Remember those old ski movies full of neon colors, corny tricks, tight pants, and synth soundtracks? Or hey, maybe you’re old enough to remember when the slopes actually looked like that. Either way, we’re bringing those days back to the future with our Freestyle collection. Block colors, groovy patterns, and bold lines.

Freestyle Anorak jacket

Freestyle Slash snapback

Freestyle Purple Pom beanie


Get Trippy With Aaron Brooks

Aaron Brooks’ art can be weird, even disturbing sometimes. He likes to use bold colors and crazy levels of detail to make odd, distorted imagery that often draws inspiration from nature. One of Aaron’s creations is Melty Bear. Social commentary? Macabre horror? It’s up to you!

aaron brooks melty bear black grinder

aaron brooks melty bear white iron-on patch

aaron brooks melty bear fitted

aaron brooks melty bear black robe


Classic Cali

There’s no symbol of California more persistent than the bear on the flag. The Bear Flag debuted in 1911 and has been instantly recognizable ever since. As Cali natives, we decided to show off our roots with the Removable Bear line of clothing.

tundra removable bear zip-up hoodie

removable bear silver ballistic fitted hat

bearslick removable bear 2018 fitted hat



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