The Grassroots Europe Movement

The Grassroots Europe Movement

Needless to say, the pop-up store experiment in Barcelona last summer worked better than expected.  We had initially planned on being in BCN for 3 months, yet kept the doors open for 10 months before closing this January (2017).

We have amassed quite the squad in Europe, and although we don't have a brick & mortar in Barcelona, the movement will continue to expand overseas.  We are also now shipping internationally from our fulfillment warehouse in Denver.

Without further adieu, we would like to introduce you to the new team members in Europe and show appreciation for everything they have done to expand GRC worldwide. 

Edu, Europe Brand Manager

Ruga met Edu at Spannabis events over the years and he had mentioned his interests in helping expand the brand in Europe. Simultaneously, we were planning a pop-up to be opened shortly.


Edu began employment with Renee and Ruga at the BCN pop-up store and managed the store on his own following Ruga and Renee's departure.

Currently, Edu manages European projects, including client collaborations, sales, social media, and events.  He has helped build projects including Kush Brothers Seeds, Spannabis, Greenardo, 23 Oils, Exclusive Seeds and Marimbaros.  Thanks for playing a major role, Edu! 

Jakob Aka Edibleman Lead Sales Rep

Jakob, is our lead European sales rep. He is world famous for eating copious amounts of THC edibles.  If you don’t find Jakob hustling hats throughout Europe, you may run into him bass fishing or snowboarding the Austrian alps. 

BCN Warriors

The number of friends we met in Barcelona was insane.  We could list tons of names but there are a few that deserve a special shout out.  Mapauxe, Fede and Arry! 

Edgar Aka Mapuxe Sound


If you have ever been to a smoking club in Spain, you have probably danced to Mapuxe Sound.  Reppin Chile and Barcelona with pride, his smile, and energy is second to none.  He has helped at many events throughout Europe while rocking GRC and performing his Reggae/Hip Hop Music! 

Arry is the handyman that can do a little bit of everything.  His hobbies include painting and creating custom carved lighters. 

The Grassroots Europe movement has been an exciting and fun journey.  Aside from however many hats sell, we will never forget the great memories we have made with the Grassroots Europe squad.

Photography: Van Hazeing



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    Paul FourTwenty Kelly: May 15, 2017

    Big up GR Europe ….. great bunch of guys ..introduced me to the movement …. 1 ❤️

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