Trend Alert: Why Fashion Pins Are Staging A Comeback

Trend Alert: Why Fashion Pins Are Staging A Comeback

One of our most underrated lines of fashion items are the wide variety of enamel pins that make a great accessory for any wardrobe. Regardless of where you’re from or where you are, a pin draws the eye and adds an extra layer of self-expression, much like other accessories and jewelry statement pieces. Lucky for you, the enamel pin is making a big comeback ahead of 2018, and Grassroots California’s line of uniquely designed pins make for fantastic additions to your wardrobe in the new year.

Here’s proof: back in August, New York City hosted its first annual ‘Pin & Patch Show’ down in Chinatown. Various enamel pin and patch designers were showing off their duds, and reports say the line for the event stretched over a full NYC block. These customers morphed from a growing online consumer base demanding hipster-esque, throwback statement pieces to a real-life cohort pining to see how local designers had updated the classic look. Dating back to days of heavy activism and print media marketing, enamel pins have a special place in American culture, and by extension, American fashion.

Not only do pins and patches alike contribute to modern street style, but they’re also a much less permanent way to show off your many layers to the masses. Have a favorite band, state, color or mantra? Wear it in pin form. They’re also accessories that serve as pieces of outerwear, gracing the front of denim jackets and oversized sweaters alike. Even better, they can be spotted on other fashion accessories like hats and shoes. There’s no limit to how you can work a well-designed statement pin into an everyday look, and our selection at Grassroots California reflects the design styles we’re all about: fun, loud, and unapologetically localized to represent our city pride from Chicago to Denver and beyond.

Whether you invest in a pin for yourself or are looking for a late gift this holiday season, consider a pin from Grassroots California heading into the new year. 2018’s the perfect time to get ahead of a trend that’s been staging a traceable comeback for two years, and our products will keep you in step and on trend for the right price. Check out our online selection!



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