Utility Pieces Mixing Comfort & Style at Grassroots California

Utility Pieces Mixing Comfort & Style at Grassroots California

We don’t just love fashion at Grassroots California—we also love fashion you can live in. Arguably, the most integral and gratifying parts of any wardrobe are those that provide fashion and self-expression along with an unmatched knack for everyday function.  Lucky for us, what’s known as the ‘utility’ trend hasn’t really gone anywhere for the past century. It’s popped up somewhere in every decade, from overalls and camouflage gear to modern rain shells, fleece-lined leggings and waterproof rain and snow boots with fashion-forward fur lining. In Colorado especially, we love our functional fashion and will most likely never be willing to let it go.

Combining cutting edge design with everyday function and comfort is a cornerstone of the items we select and make for our customers at Grassroots California. From flannels with detachable cotton hoods to wool and hemp-based headwear, socks, graphic tees, dresses, and leggings, our goal is to cater toward the Coloradan forever on the go and looking to express themselves to the fullest. Plus, our use of locally-based, incredibly talented artists to design these pieces adds an extra unique flair to pieces that would otherwise be similar to what you’d find at a national retailer.

The basic utility of pieces sold at Grassroots California, be it our brick-and-mortar locations or online, adds to the overall quality of our clothing brand. We understand our customers are not going to just wear our items around the house or out to dinner. We want you to travel, to rock out, to discover, and to experience new things in our clothes. We want the specially-designed pieces we sell to be more than just a fashion statement.

Speaking of function, we’re in the full swing of fall in Colorado, and all the crazy weather changes that come with it. Get out ahead of the cold temperatures by investing in a few winter staples at Grassroots California. Our selection of beanie hats, flannels, socks, and leggings are just the top of the list of cozy, eclectic, high-quality pieces that are made to last and to make a statement. Plus, don’t forget to check out our earflap hats, specially made for the coldest days of the year!


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