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Emily Behnke

Posted on April 01 2017

WASHINGTON – Trump caught smoking mid-grade cannabis. After recent attempts to prove Obama's wiretapping claims, Trump makes the executive decision to relax and try something new: the ganja.

Trump became a bit spacey after the first few puffs. This did not go over well with the Cabinet.  Busted smoking mids, the billionaire is being questioned on his morals and beliefs.

He has been strongly advised to find better friends with danker greens. Why was Trump smoking swag? - you may ask. As he wrapped his head in tin foil, Trump told the press, “It keeps the aliens away," and gazed intently into the stars. 

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  • Andrew iannacchione: April 02, 2017

    I’d like to get on please.

  • Adam Gilliam : April 01, 2017

    I have t shirts that say Trump smokes mids. Message if you want one

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