Grassroots Rewards


Grassroots Rewards

You’re Invited! Create an account (it’s free!) and start earning points with every purchase or interaction! These points are saved to your account and can be viewed and used on our website and app! Already in our system? You're automatically enrolled in the program and can see your Sprout Points on the App & Online!

How do I earn Sprout Points?
Sprout Points are rewarded for making purchases, writing reviews, interacting with our website and socials, etc. Here's the complete breakdown of the Grassroots Rewards you can start earning right now!

  • 1 Sprout Point for every $1 spent! Watch these Sprout Points add up!
  • 50 Sprout Points for Signing Up
  • 50 Sprout Points for Liking Our Page on Facebook
  • 50 Sprout Points for Following on Twitter
  • 50 Sprout Points for Following on Instagram
  • 50 Sprout Points for Reviewing a Product
  • 50 Sprout Points for Sharing to Facebook
  • 150 Sprout Points for Celebrating A Birthday
  • 200 Sprout Points for Referring a Friend 

What Rewards can I unlock and redeem?

  • Unlock $5 off with 250 Sprout Points
  • Unlock $15 off with 500 Sprout Points
  • Unlock $25 off with 1000 Sprout Points
  • Unlock $40 off with 1500 Sprout Points
  • Unlock 20% Off when your referred friends place an order

How do I view and redeem my Sprout Points?

On the App: When you are logged in and there are items in your cart, you can view your Sprout Points in the upper right hard corner of your cart: your available Sprout Points are the numbers next to the Rewards Ribbon! You can click Rewards Ribbon to see "My Rewards" where you'll find your rewards balance plus the locked and unlocked rewards. Simply, click the reward you wish to redeem and select "Apply Reward" when you're ready to checkout! The Rewards will be automatically applied to your cart and your points balance will update after your purchase is complete!

On the Website: When you are logged in, click on the "Rewards Program" button in the bottom right corner. You'll then see a pop-out which tells you "Your Sprout Balance" at the top and your unlocked, available rewards in the middle. On the bottom of this window, you'll also see how many points you are away from unlocking the next reward, "Ways to Earn" with quick links, and "Ways to Redeem" with all our possible rewards. When you have items in your cart and you're ready to redeem, click on the Reward, copy the unique discount code generated just for you, and select "Apply Reward" (you can also past this into the promo code box at checkout). The Rewards will be automatically applied to your cart and your points balance will update after your purchase is complete!

Even more information coming soon!