Collaboration Showcase: Chris Dyer

Collaboration Showcase: Chris Dyer

Hey everyone, meet Chris Dyer. Chris was born in Ontario, but moved to Peru when he was four years old. At eight, he started skateboarding, and by 12 he had picked up surfing too. Moving around at such a young age must have infected Chris with wanderlust, because he’s made travel a big part of his lifestyle ever since.

Chris is now based out of Montreal, where he works out of the home studio he dubbed “The Positive Portal.” He spends half his time at home and half his time on the road, creating and spreading his art across the world.

He’s traveled to over 30 countries, each of which has exerted its unique cultural influence on him and his art. The experience has helped him craft a unique vision of his art and of the world, fusing many cultures into a united spiritual ideal, appealing to everyone but owned by no one.

Chris’ art also traces back to skating culture. He’s been skating since he was young, and as early as 1986 he started to draw his own board graphics. He also created art on broken skateboards, reclaiming the broken wood with new life. To this day, he designs decks for big names in the skating industry, including Deathwish and Santa Cruz skateboards.

Chris Dyer Snake Eyes Leggings

Chris likes to juggle different media, styles, and themes in his art in an effort to explore inner worlds and connect with his spiritual roots. He sees his art as a bridge between his spiritual exploration and movements like street art and skate art, often thought of as less “conscious” than other forms. By breaking out of the molds his origins put him in, Chris wants to elevate the art forms to a higher plane.

At Grassroots, we’ve partnered with Chris to bring you over two dozen unique designs in Chris’ signature style. From playful dresses to eye-catching throw pillows to fitted hats and snapbacks, Chris’ bright colors and psychedelic designs are all over this collection.


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