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Chris Dyer

Chris was born in Ontario and moved to Peru when he was four years old. He started skateboarding four years later and picked up surfing four years after that. He must have gotten some kind of travel bug along the way because he’s made travel an integral part of his life and his art ever since.

Chris is currently based out of Montreal, and creates most of his pieces in the home studio he calls “The Positive Portal.” His art has roots in skate culture, going all the way back to drawing his own board graphics in 1986. Today, he designs decks for some of the big boys in the skating industry, like Deathwish and Santa Cruz skateboards.

Chris’ art covers a wide range of media, styles, and themes. He uses his art as a bridge between street and skate art — often considered to be less “conscious” movements in the art world — and his own spiritual exploration. By defying the expectations of his upbringing, Chris seeks to elevate his art forms to a higher plane.

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