Grassroots Colorado is happy to announce a new endeavor in our flagship location! We are now selling CBD and we are here to help you understand just exactly what that is.  

CBD ::aka:: cannabidiol, is a compound found primarily in the flower and leaves of the hemp plant! While CBD has no psychoactive tendencies like its well-known cousin, THC, it does hold potential benefits. These benefits range from assistance in helping anxiety, inflammation, stress, insomnia, pain and more. It also promotes calm, focus and relief from everyday ailments.

Here at GRColorado, we have partnered with two fantastic local companies that sell some of the top products in CBD. Let us introduce you...



In the Summer of 2017, Brandon Stump (founder) suffered a critical injury that greatly affected his quality of life. After finding no success in several traditional forms of treatment, he was introduced to a topical CBD product. To his amazement, his pain, swelling, and stiffness dramatically diminished in only a few weeks.
After sharing the first samples of Pachamama CBD with their own family and friends, Brandon and his brother, Ryan, witnessed many of their loved ones’ ailments being successfully addressed. These diverse stories of healing were all they needed to keep going and so became PACHAMAMA



Using nothing but heated air, PACHAMAMA crafts its products from the whole hemp plant in a USDA Certificated Organic lab.  

This revolutionary method holds a growing, global portfolio of 85 pending patents, and is used to create the cleanest extracts on the market!





CBD Therapy is a family-owned and operated business located in the Roaring and North Fork Valley in Colorado. They source their CBD hemp and honey locally, both coming from the same area. Their hemp is grown using organic farming practices at the North Fork Agriculture farm.

CBD Therapy’s products are made with all-natural butters, oils, and beeswax. They work in small batches with ethically sourced ingredients, therapeutic grade essential oils, and never any artificial fragrances, preservatives, or chemicals. Because of the way CBD works on and within the body, our CBD-infused products can help promote cellular regeneration, rejuvenate the skin, and aid in deep-tissue healing.  




These products and more are sold exclusively at the Grassroots Colorado store and can not be found in any other GRC location. Come on down to 846 N Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO 80204 to find your favorite CBD product today!  

**CBD is not a cure or treatment for any medical disorder; it is a potentially beneficial dietary supplement. Consult with your doctor before using CBD products. CBD can interact with some types of medication.**


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