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Grassroots California Rewards Program

Emily Behnke

Posted on March 19 2018

You wanna know what’s better than shopping your favorite brand? Getting rewarded for shopping your favorite brand! That’s right, you can now get rewarded for shopping Grassroots California on our website. Next time you’re on, simply click where it says “Reward Program” on the bottom of the website. Then create a store account and start earning rewards instantly & every time you shop!


The way the rewards program works is - you earn a “Sprout” for different actions and then you can turn those “Sprouts” into rewards. Better yet, share with your friends and you both earn rewards. Way to spread the love! How does it get better than that? Well, you get rewarded instantly when you sign up, 50 sprout to be exact. When it's your birthday, you get another 150 sprout. What a time to be alive! Follow on Twitter and you earn yourself another 50 sprout and spreading the love by sharing on Facebook will get you yet another 50 sprout! Are you following me here? Can't forget Instagram. Hop on the gram, give us a follow, and you earn yourself another 50 sprout. These points add up quick! When you place an order, you earn 1 sprout for every dollar spent. Review a product (because we're dying to hear how much you love our new Grassroots gear) and earn another 50 sprout. At Grassroots, we just want to make you happy. And we know that you're going to love our new rewards program. As a token of our appreciation, we want to reward you every time you shop with us. 

Join the Grassroots California movement and get in on the adventure. Here at Grassroots, there's never a dull moment. We are dedicated to not only bridging the gap between streetwear and counter-culture fashion, we want everyone to benefit from their love of our brand. We create inspiring apparel for those who choose to stand out, be different, and create their own path. Our customers and fans have allowed us to create a community around our brand. And for that, we thank you.


When we began making hats for a documentary we were producing in 2009, we started with a passion that never left us; creating the best fitted hats. Since then, we have collaborated with major industry leaders ranging from fashion to music, sports brands to visual artists. Our apparel is unique and fresh, always limited and exclusive. With the explosion of our hats and threads, we expanded to create trend-setting designs for personal items, including pillows, sunglasses, socks, jewelry, and more.

Follow us at to stay updated on our latest and greatest and to participate in our exclusive, weekly giveaways. And don't forget to follow us on Instagram: @GrassrootsCalifornia.


Want to know something else? We're giving 15% off your first order when you enter your email on our site! And if you spend over $75, you get free shipping! The rewards at are endless.


Be unique, be yourself, and join the movement!


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