GRC Welcomes Greg Lutzka To The Team

GRC Welcomes Greg Lutzka To The Team

Grassroots California is excited to welcome professional skateboarder, Greg Lutzka, to the team! 

Greg is known for his technical skills that have won him countless contests which include: X-Games (2x Gold medalist), The Maloof Money Cup, Multiple Dew Tours, Multiple World Cups, and he is also the only skater, to date, that has won the highest respected contest in the industry, 3 times, at Tampa Pro. Greg has gained a reputation as one of the hardest working and most motivated skateboarders in the industry.



In 2017 we had the opportunity to collaborate with Greg on his Good Livin clothing line. This was the start of our wonderful relationship. 

Come 2019, Greg has taken on his newest endeavor; partnering with Grassroots California and creating his newest clothing line. This line of limited edition hats and apparel is targeted to release on Thursday, August 8th. This fully packed collection offers an array of hat styles, short-sleeved button-ups, hybrid street or swim trunks, and more!



We are excited to see him repping our merchandise while riding in competitions all over the world! Greg is our one and only sponsored skateboard rider and we are thrilled to show you our brand through his eyes.

We hat the opportunity to pick Greg's brain in a little interview. Check out what he had to say! 


Photo credit goes to Greg's good friend, Andrew Durso. These two have an amazing chemistry and it really shows through their images created together. Make sure to check out Andrew's other work HERE



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    Chris Mehalko: July 01, 2020

    Ive watched you grow and grow since you had your shop on Larimer. My Lid collection is off the chain! Sell me some of those dope Coors light type/GRC logo T-shirts!

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