Make Your Space ‘Pop’ With Grassroots California

Make Your Space ‘Pop’ With Grassroots California


It seems like every retailer and interior designer out there is touting the “clean, minimal, neutral” trend. But, trends are always trends. Why not add a pop of unique, colorful design into your living space?

Head to the accessories tab at Grassroots California and shop the items you can’t wear out of the house; our artists have designed everything from throw pillows and blankets to pins, coasters and stickers that have the same intricate designs and can’t-find-it-anywhere-else type of flavor our clothes are well-known and loved for.

Our extensive accessory products can also spice up everyday items; from awesome ‘GRC’ stickers gracing a MacBook cover to a patch sewn on your favorite denim jacket or or bag, you can take a little Grassroots California with you anywhere.

 Our designers love bright colors and patterns, but any home should carry balance in its design and intention in its decor. So basically, it’s all about you, but it’s important to keep your personal living space relaxed and free of clutter. One way to do this is to reorganize using pieces upholstered or painted with colors that inspire you and wake you up—for example, yellow is often said to be a color of serenity, whereas reds and purples are common power colors that draw the eye and raise the mood.

Another way to incorporate your personal style and keep your home or apartment’s ‘zen’ factor is to downsize. We know that sounds hard, but clutter is a common and subliminal source of stress for most. And when living the good life, less is more. When it comes to your closet, it’s important to invest in signature pieces that are made to last more than a few seasons. At Grassroots California, we focus on and value quality in our designs and value quality above all. Buying an item from us will be a lasting purchase that holds of on common wear and tear for years.

Search our website or Denver store for accessories that will compliment your wardrobe and your home. We regularly update designs and swap out products, and cater to all kinds of styles. Come find your next signature piece today.


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