Master Kush, A Hole in One for GRC Golf Fans

Master Kush, A Hole in One for GRC Golf Fans

Grassroots Master Kush Weed Golf Hats

Master Kush, A Hole In One for GRC Golf Fans

It's only fitting that on the weekend of the Players Championship, GRC drops their newest Golfroots products! The 2021 Master Kush Collection dropped earlier today on the Grassroots Mobile App and the web store online and is a real hole-in-one for golfers and Grassroots followers. Here's four reasons why...

1. The Master Kush Green Dri-Bear Pro-Fit Snapback

Master Kush Grassroots Hat

The name says it all really. This snapback comes in two sizes (small/medium and large/x-large, as most of our snapback hats do) but this hat's dri-bear fabric is what will really help you out on the green! The sweat- and water-resistant fabric will keep you cool while drawing away moisture from your face, perfect for golfing those hot, sunny days. The flat brim protects your eyes from the sunlight with the added of ability of following the ball flight. Lastly, the stash pocket inside is perfect for ball-markers, golf tees, and a spot of kush. This hat wears well on the course but also at home, out and about, and most importantly, at the bar after a long day of rounds!

2. The Master Kush Green Boonie Hat

Master Kush Boonie Hat

Style and fashion play a huge part in a golfer's game, and this hat is for winners! While brimmed-caps are look good and fit well, this hat gives that extra level of protection from the sun. Our Boonie Hats are versatile and can be snapped up on either side for ventilation. The adjustable chin strap keeps it snug on your face when it's windy and close when you're not wearing it. There are added eyelets for even more ventilation as well! This hat wears well on the course, at the lake, on the beach, in the boat, and every other outdoor spot you're adventuring at!

3. The Master Kush Facemask

Grassroots Master Kush Facemask

Yup. We thought of that too. New for 2021 is the Master Kush facemask, the perfect accessory to complete your Masters-green Grassroots look! The mask itself is made of an anti-bacteria performance fabric, with a sublimated Master Kush printed off to the side. The elastic straps make it easy to slip this mask on and off in between social-distancing, cold-brew sippin', and hitting your hash-pen. Sick and tired of your ears getting sore from mask-wearing? Check out our mask-holder pins that work with any mask and hat!

4. The Master Kush Green Socks

We'll admit, this isn't the most technical or performance-based footwear, but these knit, cotton socks will definitely help your drip-game on every course! We can't speak for every courses' dress code, but these over-the-ankle length socks work well with shorts and long pants and aren't just for golf-outings. As you swing through the ball and complete your swing, we recommend flexing your leg and holding the final pose for a few extra seconds, just to make sure everyone can see your socks. Our Master Kush Socks have been best-sellers year after year, and are great for every cannabis-loving golf-enthusiast or Grassroots guy and gal! 




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