Collaboration Showcase - Never Summer

Collaboration Showcase - Never Summer

Since the early days of snowboarding, Never Summer has been along for the ride. When they first entered the fray, the company's founders decided that they would either be one of the best, most reliable snowboarding companies in existence or they’d simply bow out of the industry altogether. "Second best" wasn't even in their vocabulary.

Thanks to their expertise and commitment to designing and building the best boards on the market, they have not only met their goals - they have surpassed them entirely. Between the handcrafted boards built to perfection in their Denver, Colorado factory to their ability to improve upon existing designs, Never Summer has proven that they have what it takes to be the best - and then some.

Expecting Nothing But the Best

Never Summer takes their craft very seriously and only collaborate with brands and companies that are on their level. This is evidenced by their close relationship with the world’s leading raw materials engineers and manufacturers, a relationship that allows them to deliver the most durable, high-performance boards in the world. Never Summer is insistent that their boards only be sold in the best snowboard shops, and they only partner with the most reputable companies.

This is why Grassroots CA is especially proud of our relationship with the brand.

Limited Edition Proto Type 2 Board

Everyone knows that the original Proto board was a top-notch entry into the world of snowboarding, but with the Proto Type 2, Never Summer has really outdone themselves. This board is an all-mountain, go-anywhere, true twin board that delivers exemplary stability and performance in every situation. From carving and cruising, high-speed boarding, and hitting rails and jumps, the Proto Type 2 board has a level of versatility that is sorely missing in a lot of snowboards on the market.

Novices and Experts Love Their New Board

Never Summer took the original Proto and redesigned it with both the novice and expert snowboarder in mind. The result is a board with medium flex, a hybrid camber profile, true twin design, and improved stability. What snowboarders love most about the Photo Type 2 - and there’s a lot to love about it - is its asymmetrical sidecut design that delivers fun at every turn.

Tradition of Creating Kickass Designs

The success that Never Summer has seen with the Proto Type 2 will come as no surprise to those who are already familiar with the company. Their designs have always inspired awe among not only snowboarders who act as the litmus test for what works and what doesn’t, but also among their competitors who often have difficulty keeping up with delivering such a high level of performance and craftsmanship. Never Summer has proven that their designs go above and beyond in every snowboarding category.

Craftsmanship for Clutch Performance

Every board constructed and designed by Never Summer is crafted to be the very best that it can be. When a boarder is tearing down a mountain or grinding a rail on a Never Summer board, be it standard or longboard, they can be confident that their performance will match their skill level at every turn. Novices and experts will find that when they’re going for clutch performance, nothing will deliver quite like a Never Summer board.

Grassroots CA has the reputation of working with incredible creators and designers, and that tradition can definitely be seen in our partnership with Never Summer. We cannot wait to see what the company will do next, but we know one thing for sure - it'll blow us all away.


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