Chicago: The (Frozen) Windy City

Chicago: The (Frozen) Windy City

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Chicago: Frozen Solid

Chicago is no stranger to seasonal weather changes, but this winter's highs and lows are a little lower than usual.  A "polar vortex" is responsible for the "arctic air mass" which is causing the below-zero weather we're currently experiencing.  While some say the all-time recorded low for Chicago is -27° F (recorded in 1984 & 1985), current records and forecasts show we're not far off from the arctic-like frigidness.  With "real-feels" hitting -30s and -40s this week, Chicago is literally colder than Antarctic and Mt. Everest, two of the world's coldest locations.

Chi-Town Shut-Down

Metra Tracks on FireThe National Weather Service issued a public alert: "Frostbite can occur quickly and even hypothermia or death if precautions are not taken." As of this morning, more than 15 people have been found frozen to death in the Chicagoland area and the death toll rises with a snow plow accident and multiple car crashes. Over 1,600 flights have been cancelled out of some of the nation's busiest airports, including O'Hare International Airport and Midway, just because of the cold and snow! More than 7,000 locals are without power as ComEd struggles to keep up with the power outages. "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom," the USPS motto goes, but the United States Postal Service has suspended deliveries to those living in zip codes beginning with "606" and "608" through Thursday.  Chicago is literally shutting down until the cold passes.  Hospitals and garages are some of the only places fully functional these days.  To keep trains running smoothly and provide consistent public transportation, railroad tracks are set on fire, an eerie sight for passers-by who may be unaware of this normal procedure which keeps the trains running properly on the tracks.

To accommodate thousands of frozen people over the next few days, Chicago is opening many buildings to the public as warming centers and Lyft is offering free rides (up to $25) to those warming locations using code "CHIJAYDEN19". To help citizens seek shelter and stay connected during these dangerously cold days, Xfinity is offering free wifi on their open hotspots in Chicago through January 31st.  Propane tanks are being delivered to the homeless populations, and many schools and businesses, including Grassroots Chicago, will be closed through Thursday to keep the public warm and safe.


What to Wear this Winter

Grassroots California Alex & Allyson Grey FacemasksFor those of you out in the thick of this frigid weather and looking for winter wearables, look no further than Grassroots California's own winter gear!  Some of our favorites for the wind, snow, ice, and sleet include these fleece-lined facemasks.  Featuring artwork from mystic visionaries and artists, Alex and Allyson Grey, these facemasks have a special hole for breathing and a hidden pocket to stash your lighter, lip balm, and other personal items.  These come in two sizes and fasten behind your head with a soft velcro.

Grassroots California BeaniesNow for your noggin... Do not go outside without a hat. Your mother would say it, your teacher would say it, and now, we repeat: DO NOT GO OUTSIDE WITHOUT A HAT. With frostbite a threat literally within minutes of skin exposure in the midwestern states, we recommend Beanies to keep you warm and stash your shniz.  The Fall/Winter Collection features more than 10 new pom beanies, knit slouchies, and skull caps designed to protect your noggin and ears with patterns fresher than the icicles outside!

Grassroots California Winter GearTrying to really cover up? Our winter gear is warmer and lighter than ever before.  This year, we've come out with a few new designs we think you winter-lovers will want to live in! Our Danger Zone Puff-It Reversible Midlayer is a lightweight puff-jacket that can fit into the small bag stashed in its pocket.  Perfect for toting around in your car, backpack, or suitcase, this is a great option for those on-the-go and expecting quick changes in weather.  The unisex design is ideal for men and women and can be reversed to a black or gray outer color.  Another great piece of outerwear we dropped this winter is the Insulated Vest Hoodie Jacket. Featured in both Navy/Gray and Gray/Black, this jacket is light enough to wear over a sweatshirt, but keep you warm and insulated while shopping or hitting the slopes.  This is another design we feel both men and women can wear this winter.  Also pictured (and one of Chicago's personal favorites) is the Digital Diamondback Midweight Anorak, a quarter-zip pullover that is both warm and stylish.  The contrast of the black matte and gloss accents is edgy and modern, and the midweight wear is a lighter option that doesn't sacrifice warmth for size.  Lastly, we're featuring a new design that puts a warm spin on a classic wardrobe staple.  We present to you our new Insulated Flannel.  Layered with quilted down, this flannel is not only wintery but will keep you cozy without layering another shirt or jacket over the top.  This pattern is inspired by our Sedona looks with a chilly blue color scheme. 

All of these styles are now available for 30% off at Grassroots Chicago which will reopen with normal business hours on Friday, February 1st.  These hats and apparel are also available at Grassroots Colorado and online at Sizes may be limited due to the popularity of these limited edition pieces so snag them now! Stay warm out there!



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