5 Reasons to Download the Grassroots App

5 Reasons to Download the Grassroots App

5 Reasons to Download the Grassroots App

The holidays are just almost here and you need to be ready to shop from your phone or tablet! Our App is faster than our web store and even easier to checkout with from your phone! You'll also get 20% off when you "Enable Notifications" and get promo codes sent directly to you! Here's a few more reasons why you really need to download our App and start shopping from your mobile device...

1. You're 7 Taps Away From New Gear 📲➡️🛍️

Grassroots App

That's right: you can search, select, and checkout in less than 10 taps which is faster for our phone-shoppers and much easier for our mobile-users! Use the search feature to find your gear or swipe through our fancy slideshows and galleries to find exactly what you want. Then, select your size, and checkout! Don't forget to enter discount codes or gift cards: that's when you'll really see the savings!

2. More Ways to Pay? We Got Options 🍎💸💰₿💳

The checkout process just got even faster! Here are your options:

  • Use ApplePay to expedite your shopping experience. It takes fewer clicks and is currently the fastest way to pay and checkout!
  • Select PayPal's Express Checkout. This way you can use any of your connected cards or accounts.
  • Choose QuadPay if you want to divide your total into four more affordable payments. This is a great option if you don't want to front the cash but definitely need to scoop that limited-edition merch!
  • Pick OpenNode to pay with Bitcoin! That's right! We take pride in being one of the first three web stores to accept Bitcoin payments and the process is lightning fast if you have already have a digital wallet.
  • Of course, you can still pay with your credit or debit card and enter your own information manually. While this step might take a bit longer, it is the most simple solution for those who like to keep things old-school. We currently accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and Amex.

Depending on which process you use, we may need you to provide the shipping address, select your shipping method and pricing, and/or add billing details before the payment is processed. You may also be redirected to another site or application to complete the payment details before your order is complete.

3. Favorite Items, Share Gear, and Start A Cart 🛒💚

It's as simple as a "like": click on the heart next to the product to automatically add it to your Favorites. Your Favorites can be viewed from your account and can be a great place to save your favorite merch for later if you're not ready to buy or want to wait til a big sale! When you're viewing each product, you can now also share the link directly to show your friends in messages, email, social media, etc. (which is a great way to drop a hint around your birthday or the holidays!). Almost ready to pull the trigger? Add it to your cart so you can checkout more quickly next time! Just remember, just because it's in your cart does not mean our inventory is saved saved for you: it can still sell out so move quickly!

4. Get Instant Notifications 💬🔔‼️⚠️

Grassroots App Notifications

We love to keep you up to date and typically send notification 3-5 times a week so you know what's new, trending, selling fast, and almost gone! You may also get notifications when your Grassroots order has been placed, filled, shipped, and delivered. Enable notifications from your App Settings so you can get the merch drop announcements, sale reminders, and low-stock warnings live in real-time!  

5. Access Your Rewards In One Spot 🏆🛍️

Grassroots Rewards

Lots of you have already created your account and are earning Sprout Points by shopping and interacting with our socials! Sprout Points earn you rewards such as $5 off, $10 off, $40 off, and 20% off an order! You can also earn points as you gain VIP status and go from a Loud or Chron VIP member, to Dank VIP, Master Kush VIP, and Secret Society VIP! Your points can be found on your profile and your rewards can be unlocked at checkout. Read more about our Rewards Program here.


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