A North Coast Music Festival After Party

A North Coast Music Festival After Party


A Toast to North Coast

Grassroots California has sponsored North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, Illinois for 9 years. Since vending the first North Coast in 2010, Grassroots California makes official North Coast merchandise including fitted, snapback, strapback, and 5-panel hats.  Less than one week away, we are here to give you all the details on the artists, merch, and our first after party!

Grassroots Chicago presents "Grassroots After Dark", a North Coast after party on Saturday, September 1st, from 11pm-2am, an hour after the festival closes. The after party features three EDM artists from this year's lineup: Plaid Hawaii, LWKY, Kromuh, and Beak Nasty. This free event will take place at Grassroots Chicago at 515 N Halsted, just over a mile from Union Park. Festival attendees can walk 30 minutes, get a 5-minute ride, or take the Pink/Green Line from Ashland to Clinton to get here. 

The "Grassroots After Dark" Lineup

LWKY Grassroots Chicago NCMFLWKY is a future bass band from Chicago, Illinois. Zack, the founder, mixes live while Joe gets down on guitar and Kevin breaks it down on keys and synth. The dancey beats this team creates is unreal which is exactly why we reached out to them to perform. These guys get down and are going to be the perfect way to kick off our after party. This local group is going to slay their sets! You can catch the LWKY boys at Grassroots After Dark as well Sunday afternoon at North Coast! 

Beak Nasty Grassroots Chicago NCMFBeak Nasty is the next act on our Grassroots After Dark lineup. This producer-drummer duo gained a ton of attention this summer since their festival schedule included performances at Earth Rhythms, Infrasound, 515 Alive, and (soon) North Coast. They are currently based out of Denver and we are stoked to bring the Wisconsinite and Floridian to GRC CHI for their chill funk and electro hip-hop grooves. Make sure to check out Beak Nasty's North Coast set on Friday and at our after party!

Plaid Hawaii Grassroots Chicago North CoastPlaid Hawaii is totally "tropadelic". Coining the term as a blend of tropical and psychedelic, Jason incorporates house, funk, and indie dance into his sets.  His chill, peaceful, and good vibes are inspired by a trip to the Carribean and his sets will literally take you there.  Plaid Hawaii has played large shows such as Freaky Deaky Milwaukee, Mamby on the Beach, shows at Bourbon on Division, and will soon be slaying at the Silent Disco at North Coast on Sunday!

Kromuh Grassroots Chicago North CoastKromuh is a young producer coming up in the Chicago music scene. His future glitch and trappy dubstep.  His mixes such as "Synchronicity" are heavy and mindblowing, integrating jazzy piano samples, wobbly samples, and incredibly mastered transitions from sound to sound.  Kromuh has played sets at Solar and Lunar Tide here in Chicago, as well as the popular, local whiskey bar and venue, Bourbon on Division.  You won't want to miss his set at Grassroots Chicago this Saturday!

Other Grassroots Fam at NCMF

North Coast Music Festival is one of the best ways to get the camping festival vibe in an urban setting. The festival hosts some of the best artists in rap, hip-hop, EDM, rock, reggae, and everything in between. This year, the NCMF lineup is stacked with artists Grassroots has collaborated with in the past and is looking forward to collaborating with in the future. Here is the low down on all the artists you should know about.

Gramatik Grassroots Chicago North Coast Music FestivalKnown for playing coffeehouse tunes, electro-swing, and now, grimy dubstep, Gramatik knows how to both produce and mix live. His sets incorporate live horns and guitar into his mixes. Not only is Gramatik one of the most famous EDM producers we have worked with, he is also one of the first artists to tokenize himself and create his own digital “cryptocurrency”. His new song "Vitalik Buterin", named after the founder of Ethereum, is a sequel to "Satoshi Nakamoto" from his album Epigram. Performing Sunday night, less than 24 hours after his Red Rocks set, we will be listening for this new song and keeping it lowtemp.

Maddy Oneal Grassroots Chicago NCMFMaddy O'Neal is a must-see in our opinion. A strong female producer in the jazzy funk scene, Maddy has been on fire the past two years. Her robust dubstep with hip-hop and jazz influences is earning her recognition across the industry. Grassroots is super excited to collaborate with this upcoming, female artist. You can catch Maddy's set at North Coast on Sunday. Also, stay tuned for our future merch collab coming soon!

Manic Focus Grassroots Chicago North Coast Music FestivalManic Focus is one of our favorite DJ/Producers to come from All Good Records. Now producing for himself, JmaC of Chicago has been on tour and recording new albums in NOLA.  While JmaC won't be performing at NCMF, he is hosting an official after party at Concord Music Hall. Need some fan gear before the show? Our merch line with Manic Focus includes a tie-dye snapback and a dad-hat, both available in stores and online.

The next artist on our lineup is Blue Future!  You may remember him from our booth at Summercamp Music Festival: Jeremy Oleson, aka Blue Future, designs music to inspire and feel good. His music is considered electro hip-hop, and we love his alien-like sounds and dubstep-inspired mixes. You can also catch Blue Future at the Silent Disco at North Coast earlier in the day on Saturday.


#GSproutGang Strong!

Rocking a G-Sprout?  Feeling fine in our gear?  Use #gsproutgang on your socials to show us your favorite Grassroots look. Since releasing our newest Spring/Summer collection and a ton of new hats, apparel, and accessories, we can't wait to see you styled in our freshest threads! 

Grassroots California will be vending North Coast but we also encourage you to check out our two, official storefronts. Grassroots Colorado (in Denver) and Grassroots Chicago are both open 7 days a week and are stocked with our newest styles.  You can also shop our merch online at grassrootscalifornia.com.  Happy Festing! 

Can't Make the Festivities?

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