2017 Festival Essentials

2017 Festival Essentials

It’s officially summer time, and that means one thing to us: festival season! Have you had a chance to scope our new Spring and Summer 2017 collection? We’ve taken the time to highlight some of our favorite new items that are essential to looking and feeling fabulous this summer, no matter where your festival adventures bring you.

shaman bandana 

  1. Bandanas: This is one of the most crucial items for any festival. Not only do they make you look like a ninja; it also keeps you from inhaling the dust being kicked up from patrons and motor vehicles. If you’ve ever blown your nose after a day of dusty raging, I assume you probably understand what I’m talking about. One of our favorites, the Shaman Bandana has an eye-catching psychedelic print and adds a perfect splash of color to any outfit. You can also use it to stay cool in the brutal summer heat. Just submerge it in an ice-cold cooler, tie around your neck and you’re ready to go!


  2. Hybrid Shorts (Men's): Every man needs a pair of these bad boys for festival season. Not only are they comfortable and extremely lightweight; they also dry quickly, making them the perfect pair of summertime shorts. Color options include black, grey, beige, and blue. This is one of the most versatile articles of clothing that we currently offer, so whether you’re trying to dress up or keep it casual, these are the hybrid shorts for you.

  3. Good Livin’ Reversible Bucket Hat: These are essential for the bright sun and long days. Not only do they provide an instant “Gonzo” vibe, they’re also important because they keep your face, ears, AND neck protected from the sun. We have a wide range of designs available, but I prefer the simplicity and reversible function of this one. Good Livin' is a new clothing company founded by two time X-Games gold medalist and skateboarding legend Greg Lutzka. Grassroots was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with them on this hat - amongst many others! My personal favorite look to match with the bucket hat is a casual button up shirt, paired with a fanny pack and baller pair of shades.

  4. Tropicali Psychedelic Crop Top (Women's): I am head-over-heels for the floral patterns on this top! Its sleek, sexy, and has a matching pair of leggings for anyone in need of a matching yoga set. I recommend styling this piece with a pair of high-waisted jean shorts, statement piece necklace, and any type of kimono! Another option is to simply rock that summer body by pairing it with a pair of black bikini bottoms. Be sure to check out the Grassroots website for more crop top options!

  5. Rastaroots Straw HatSo hot right now. There’s no better way to beat the heat and protect yourself from the sun! The hat features Rasta colors with black trim making the hat look extra sharp. This is an absolute must for your summer collection, mainly because it’s something different! You can decorate it with pins, a feather, or any multitude of festival knick knacks. My personal favorite way to wear the straw hat is with a scarf underneath. Simply put a scarf on your head with the ends hanging in the front of you, and throw the hat on over it! It will keep you feeling extra breezy and looking like a festival badass. (extra heat relief if you dunk the scarf in ice cold water first!)


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    Ibrahim : July 27, 2017

    Like you product

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    Rudy Medina: July 07, 2017

    I am also wondering about the electric forest hats? Are there any more for sale online or at stores?

  • Author image
    Jesse: July 06, 2017

    You guys have an Eletric Forest 2017 hats for sale at all.?. Either online or at your Chicago store?

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