Grassroots Pets for President

Grassroots Pets for President


This President’s Day at Grassroots, we decided to do something a little different.

I present to you our PETS FOR PRESIDENT ELECTION. Grassroots is a pet friendly work environment and we all take pride in our friends that we get to bring to work with us every day. If you follow our Snap Chat ( @grassrootscali ) or Instagram Stories (@grassrootscalifornia, @grassrootscolorado) you are sure to see these fun creatures running around during the work day. We thought we would make this day about them!

We want to know who you think deserves the title of Grassroots Pet President! In this blog, we will introduce you to each of our friends. Each pet has came up with a campaign slogan and would like to tell you a little about themselves.

Please go to our Grassroots California Facebook page for the official voting pole. We hope our furry (&furless) friends bring a smile to your face on this President’s Day!

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United we bark and meow and divide we play dead”

Introducing the newest member of “PuppyRoots", Robert Jr. aka Junior aka JR aka Baby Bobby aka June aka RJ aka Robert Downey Jr.  I am a crotch digging, toy enthusiasts, full of love and energy 11-week old Wire Haire Fox Terrierist!  We are obviously against all travel bans and discrimination against breeds of any species.  

I am thinking about going pro in napping and since coming home and meeting my sister Moja the cat I am all for equal rights.  I have a dream that all little dogs will be able to join paws with all little cats as sisters and brothers.  With this declaration, I announce that my running mate will be the siamese ragdoll herself, Moja! 

We stand for equal petting, distribution of treats to all species, endless fields of grass with NO WALLS for unlimited pees and poos! 


I want to make America great again.”

As president I will first hire a significant amount of dog walkers, immediately improving the countries economy.  To improve health, I will mandate a required 3 hours of outdoor park time a day.  Some would say I am not prepared to protect this country.  But I have missile-like speed, especially when chasing Frisbees, or as I call them, terrorists.  We will build the greatest dog park; It's going to be great, probably the greatest park ever built.  We will make the cats pay for it!!!



“Playtime forever. Peace and love.“

Milli promises the most enjoyable days for all of the pets and humans alike. She encourages lots of breaks from the long workday to do lots of ball chasing, wrestling with friends, and oh so many kisses! Milli is an 8-month-old Great Pyrenees and is a gentle giant. She preaches kindness and doesn’t believe in violence. World peace for all creatures on earth! Follow me on Instagram: @millithegreatestpyrenees.


“The bowl is always half full.”

Full Bowls, Mandatory Walks and Grassroots hats on every owners head. These are just the first of many promises Phoenix will make to ensure the happiness of all people and pets alike! Her smile is just a glimpse of the Pawsitive outlook this candidate has towards your future. Like a Phoenix she will arise from any problem that comes her way! 


Unite the People Again. Monster for President!”

Monster is what the people need.  It doesnt matter if your skin color is pink or have hair, he cares for each one of you.  Growing up without a pancreas and needing two shots a day of insulin, Monster feels the pain the country is in on high health care and pre-existing health conditions. This is why he promises to lower health care cost while ensuring everyone gets the treatment they need. He will do this by legalizing weed and taxing it to help our health and school systems.  

Monster believes we are all immigrants and this is what makes America the greatest country in the world. Monster parents themselves are from outer space from the galaxy of Sphynxland and knows that walls only divide and it is time for this country to unite with Monster for President!


All legs matter.”

Hercules is all about fun and getting into trouble. He's a 3 legged pitbull missing his front passenger leg.  He's not the best fetcher, swimmer, runner or all around go getter. He loves to eat like all other dogs and receive love.  But he wants to be loved by everyone and they just might not understand what he is about. Don't judge a book by its cover.  @hercules_3  @vrana710


“Vote chance and bring the tennis balls back to the people.”

As your pupper president, chance will not rest until every leaf has been turned and every tennis ball has been returned. He was born into a toxic environment in Texas, where he wound up being incarcerated in the pound during his youth and death was all but a certainty. Since then he has been given a fresh start by his foster parents in the cool Colorado mountain air, where he has devoted his career to outdoor exploration and tennis ball retrieval marked by a tireless work ethic. His recent achievements include rolling over, learning to swim, and climbing 6 peaks over 14,000 ft in the past year. The son of a hardworking border collie and australian shepherd, Chance represents the melting pot of diversity that truly makes America great for all dogs black, brown, and white alike. He is a cuddle enthusiast, a champion of friendship, and a full time good boy who will need all of your support to secure the nomination.


Ya’ll have been looking.. We’ve found her; Molly for President.”

Molly, the veteran skateboarded, is a 5 1/2 year old Great Dane / Cane Corso mix. With decades (in doggy years) of experience and national travel under her collar, this pup is more than equipped to be prez. Vote for Molly this year as she promises to rescue more animals, and start the free treats program.


This president's day, remember to stand with Kitty Cora."

Cora has been a strong supporter of catnip and cannabis legalization since moving to Colorado after being born in California. If elected she will implement a strong treat-based program to increase efficiency in all areas of all departments. Cora promises to devote all 9 of her lives to making a difference during her term. 


Des for pres!”

This lovable angel-bear has recently joined the Grassroots family.  As her name insinuates, she is a boss.  This young pup knows what it will take to secure our borders and will hold down the food supply with ferocity.  She will make sure to keep the streets safe and will do what it takes to bring more bowls, bones and barks to the dog-population.


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