Grassroots Spring Summer 2021 Collection

Grassroots Spring Summer 2021 Collection

12 Years of Grassroots California

Grassroots California celebrates a special anniversary this month: 12 years of business! Rooted in counter culture and the cannabis industry, the annual anniversary falls on the highest of high-holidays: 4/20. You know we doing it big for the 12th Year and 420. 

Presenting the Spring/Summer 2021 collection... Now available on the App and online! 

Metatron 12th Anniversary Grassroots Hat

The new 12th Anniversary Collection is black, and white, and BOLD. There's both a snapback and fitted option as well as a really graphic embroidered version! These pair with the matching facemasks and pin, as well as the HEADIEST Metatron Hoodie and Sweat set. I think it's some of the drippiest drip we ever did drop! They're slight reflective and totally rad. My favorite item in the SS21 Collection is definitely that Black Long-Sleeve shirt though. It is CLEAN and packs a punch with the Metatron art and tie-dye sleeves. Shop the Spring Summer 2021 12th Anniversary Metatron Collection now...

 Grassroots TCH Bee Bucket Hat

It's 420 Fam, you know we got a new version of the THC Bee hats. This year, we did it proper, too, with the THC Bee Camo Tan Snapback, the THC Bee Glow Fitted *that glows in the dark!*, the Reversible Bucket Hat, and socks! It's also one of two new shirts in the SS21 collection. The Honey Fund Black Teal T-Shirt  kindaaa matches the Waves Surfing Bear Bucket Hat and Snapback too if you're looking for a combo! Shop the Spring Summer 2021 Collection now...

Grassroots Spring Summer Collection Hats Skate Cork Holographic Camo

We started in California and the California Bear is a huge part of our business! The Removable Bear Collection expands this year with metallics, neutrals, and the new Tucson pattern. The Skateboard Bear got a camo makeover and the OG cork hat was redesigned with black accents. For louder hats, we recommend the Geo Triangles Gold Hat's twin, the Silver Geo Triangles Snapback, or the Purple Disco Snapback (it's holographic and sparkles!).  Check out the entire Spring Summer 2021 collection here...

Greg Lutzka Ganja Bahama Good Livin

Professional Skateboarder and Grassroots Fam, Greg Lutzka, is also part of our Spring Summer 2021 Collection as we've restocked and added new items to the Purple Ganja Bahama Collection. It wouldn't be right to celebrate 420 without the stoner-duo, Cheech and Chong.

We've released even more Cheech and Chong snapbacks. Cronic Mag just published their April Edition magazine with a wonderful celebration of Tommy Chong. (Get yourself a free copy and get our featured promotion in the magazine, too! ).  

Grassroots Cheech and Chong

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Grassroots 420

Grassroots 420 Sale


It's been a slow and steady grind since COVID hit and we appreciate every ounce of support we've received over the year! We wish you all a Happy 420 and a healthy year ahead! 

Now let's get you some new gear!


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