GRC Bracket 2020: Pairings & Expert Predictions

GRC Bracket 2020: Pairings & Expert Predictions

March Madness

March MadnessThe madness began March 4th just after 3pm CST when Grassroots California posted their 2020 Hat Tournament Bracket. With the top Sweet Sixteen hats matched and paired, these hats are about to face off to see which hat has what it takes to beat the rest, and be crowned the 2020 GRC Hat Champion."8 to 4 to 2 to 1" is the name of this game, and it's time to fill in your brackets (or just pick your winner). If you pick the winning hat, you could be walking away with a $100 Grassroots Gift Card! The tournament itself will consist of voting via Facebook polls starting March 20th, over the course of sixteen days on the Grassroots California Facebook page. You don't have to fill out an entire bracket to participate: to get involved, simply comment which hat you think will win the finals by March 20th. Then come back to vote daily on the polls to push your favorite hat to victory!  Of the people who predicted the winning hat, Grassroots California owner and commissioner, Ryan Connolly, will choose five randomly to win $100 Grassroots gift cards.

The Hats

Grassroots Tech Tie DyeGrassroots' Fall/Winter 2019 and Pre-Spring 2020 season brought an incredible league of quality hats to the table. Representing the South and the West divisions are Hall of Famers including the Tech Tie Dye, Spots, and Tulipa collections. The Rainbow tie-dye and Blue tie-dye hats will duke it out right away, perhaps indicating whether fans prefer fitted or snapback hats. Grassroots TulipaThe Tulipa collection's Peacock hat and Aspen Wool hat is an important pairing as well: two very different hats with totally different styles. The Gold and Blue Spots hats bring young, fresh energy to this year's tournament and are the newest hats to hit the Grassroots shelves, but do they have what it takes to beat the classic Secret Society hat and former MVP, Royal Roots, hats? It's truly any hats game in this years' tournaments.

Grassroots Bear HatRepresenting the East and Midwestern divisions, it's looking close! Two Boonie Hats battle for a spot in the quarter-finals, the Tech Tie Dye Boonie with galaxy vibes vs. FW19's Desert Lore Turquoise Boonie. The Master Kush Fitted is a strong contender as a variation of the former cannabis-themed Masters' hats, though the Navy Snowboarding Bear hat takes it back to the early 2010's when the Cali-bear was Grassroots' icon. The Celtic Bear Black Snapback has been hot and cold with it's black hemp and gold accents, but it battles none other than the Rastaroots Brown Strapback, Grassroots Rasta 420the only strapback hat in the 2020 tournament, with golden embellishments. Perhaps the most exciting Sweet Sixteen match to watch though is the number one seed, Celestial Serpent Black Snapback, vs. Hall of Fame alumni, the Cali Greens All Black Fitted Hat. That's definitely a match you won't want to miss, so be sure to check in daily starting March 20th and vote for your favorites to win!

Expert Picks

  • Grassroots Celtic Bear Hat"As the commissioner's heritage is from Ireland, he is personally pulling for the Celtic Bear Black Snapback, but believes the Master Kush is a sleeper this March." - Ryan Conolly, Owner and GRC Tournament Commissioner 
  • Royal Roots Grassroots"Two of the most important pairings on this bracket IMO: the Secret Society V2 Dad Hat and Royal Roots Purple Corduroy Zipperback. Two classics from GRC, two excellent, well-rounded hats from experienced collections, fairly even in popularity over the years. Secret Society's loud pattern and color scheme help it stand out, but the zipper clasp on the Royal Roots hat is pretty extraordinary." - Niki Graham, Grassroots Chicago Manager on the Left Side of the Bracket

  • Grassroots Celstial Serpent Hat"OMG the Celestial Serpent hat is going ALL. THE. WAY. It's actually a variation of the black fitted hat from 2019 which sold out almost instantly during Electric Forest 2019 weekend. But the Cali Greens black on black hat is a variation of a green MVP, Cali Greens, one of the most iconic, treasured alumni in the Grassroots hat community. New age battling classics here: either way, we have an exciting match ahead!" - Niki Graham, Grassroots Chicago Manager on the Right Side of the Bracket

  • Grassroots Spots Hat"The Spots Gold Snapback is a personal favorite going into the Tournament, but the Celestial Serpent Black Snapback is one to keep your eye on this season." - Ross Ragsdale, Grassroots California Super Fan

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