The Elite 8 Hats Continue On...

The Elite 8 Hats Continue On...

Grassroots California March Madness

The Stats

The Sweet Sixteen matches are over and what a week it was! We had about 420 voters participating in the polls over the last four days, and more than 1200 Instagram viewers daily! Here are some of this week’s stats: 

  • The Spots Blue Fitted hat won by the largest margin, at 73%. 
  • The Tech Tie Dye match was the closest match: the Blue Tie Dye won by just one vote!

  • The Peacock Fitted hat won it’s match favored at 63%: just behind the Celestial Serpent at 68%.
  • The Secret Society Dad Hat was winning until the second half of the day when the Zipperback came out on top.

  • The Rastaroots' votes were behind all day, but it pulled ahead for the win just two hours away from the end of the match.
  • The Desert Lore Boonie hat was consistently ahead of the Tech Tie Dye Boonie the entire match.


    Elite 8 Week

    The winners have been added to our new bracket and the Elite 8 matches have been scheduled and will continue on Grassroots California's Facebook Page

    On Tuesday the 24th, we have the Battle of the Blues: the Blue Spots Fitted versus the Blue Tech Tie Dye Snapback. We look forward to Wednesday when we get a Battle Royale: the Royal Roots Zipperback takes on the Tulipa Peacock Fitted. Then on Thursday, the Celestial Serpent shoots for the moon and duels the Snowboard Bear Hat, and finally, Friday, the RastaRoots Strapback combats the Desert Lore Boonie for a spot in semi-finals.

    March Madness

    Congratulations to those of you who are still in the running for one of the five $100 Gift Cards! Remember, Facebook polls will start at midnight and be live for 24 hours, so make sure you vote daily! We’ll see you again before the weekend to see which hats make the Final 4 as March Madness continues here at Grassroots.


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