GRC Movement Gallery - Chicago's Own JC Rivera

GRC Movement Gallery - Chicago's Own JC Rivera

We opened our Movement Gallery space to The Bear Champ on December 19th. The Bear Champ, also know as JC Rivera, is a staple street artist in the Chicago scene. His work can be seen throughout the city and his iconic bear character can be spotted from a mile away. 
Picture of JC Rivera painting his iconic bear character

The opening party for “The Bear Necessities” exhibit was crackin'! With JC Rivera having a solid following a lot of his fans came out to the party. We had beverages from Lagunitas Brewing Company, Passion House Coffee and Essentia Water. Along with the drinks we had music by Sky Society, Sylvie Grace and hip-hop duo The Highest Low. Check out more photos from the party here!
Drinks at the party being served

This exhibit at the Movement Gallery was the first time in two years The Bear Champ had his own solo show. The artwork showcased ranged from canvas paintings, graffiti'd street signs and custom boxing gloves. Along with his own original pieces, Grassroots was lucky enough to collaborate on four different hats – two snap-backs and two dad hats. You can get yours now online or at the Grassroots Chicago store!

JC Rivera Grassroots California collaboration hats

We ended 2016 off very proper and we would like to give a huge thanks and shout-out to everyone who has supported Grassroots Chicago and the Movement Gallery thus far!
THANK YOU from the Grassroots Chicago staff and friends

January 13th we will be installing a new exhibit featuring another Chicago local artist, Keith Smith AKA Afrokilla. His first solo show, “Cruisn' By”, will be a good start to the year and we hope to see y'all there!
Afrokilla event at the Movement Gallery banner


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